Welcome to “A Touch of Bunny Fiber” Website. I am excited to be able to share my knowledge with new and old fiber friends in our new home. In May of 2016 after many years of looking, my husband and I were able to finally find our hobby farm and though it is a work in progress, it is ours. Our hobby farm currently is home to my herd of angora rabbits with other fiber animals joining as fencing is put in place. In the spring my husband will begin planting his perma-gardens and orchard.  The farm is located outside of Prescott, Michigan.

Colleen's Background Information

I first began my journey as a fiber artist 32 years ago when I was teaching at a local museum. I had always been intrigued by spinning and was given the opportunity to learn to spin by a few spinners in my area. There was a weekend festival and during this time I learned the basics of spinning. From that point on, I was self taught and perfecting spinning, started dying, prepping fibers, weaving and we can go on and on. For many years I taught fiber arts out of my home and taught many people in my area the wonderful world of fiber arts. In the last few years, I have once again begun teaching at different fiber festivals in Michigan. Since moving into our new home, I have been drawn to teaching fiber arts once again. This has brought about the idea of “A Touch of Bunny Fiber Retreats”.

A Touch of Bunny Retreats

“A Touch of Bunny Fiber Retreats”: we are offering half day, full day and two-day retreats offering several different fiber related workshops. These workshops are hands on and meant to be fun, but still offer a knowledgeable experience. Retreats are designed for a maximum of three people so individual instruction can be given.
Workshops can be any day of the week that fits both our schedules!
Workshops topics include:

How to Deal with the Fuzzy Bunny

Spinning Where to Begin

Warp to Weave

I Think I Need A Tune UP - is it the spinning wheel or Me (half day)

Dying the Day Away (half day)

Playing with the Fluff (half day)

It Has Been Warped Now I Can Weave (half day)

Workshop details will be the description page!

What our customers are saying

I have had English angoras since 2012; however the quality was not there. Until, I met Mrs. Boyd. She helped me attain quality stock in order to not only breed English, but to also breed them well. Since then I have won several prestigious awards, including best in show, reserve in show and 3rd at convention with Touch of Bunnies English. Also one of her giant woolers I owned took best 6 Class at the Saginaw County fair. Mrs. Boyd has also aided me in the realm of angora fiber, from dyeing to warping a loom to spinning. She's the woman to go to when you need quality angoras, dyeing, spinning or weaving help.

N. Norris