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Items will be shipped the cheapest way possible.  I will take the item to the post office and email you the cost of shipping, items will be shipped as soon as possible after payment.

Angora Blend Yarns

A Touch of Bunny offers a luxurious line of angora blend yarns.  These yarn are made with fiber produced by our angora rabbits and blended with beautiful alpaca, fine wool and sometimes mohair.  The fleeces used in our yarns are hand picked to complement the angora fiber used in the yarn.  The fiber is then sent off to the mill to become spun into yarn for knitting, crocheting or weaving.  Our yarn comes only in natural colors, but our white can be dyed many lovely colors.  If you would like some yarn dyed please contact me.  Yarn has not been washed and will bloom once washed and warn.


Roving & Dyed Fibers

Natural Color Roving and Dyed Fiber will be added soon!

Shipping up to 5oz in Priority Mail for $7.25


60% Angora / 35% Alpaca / 5% Fine Wool
Regular Price $8.50 oz  
Sale Price $7.50 oz

Blue Mist

50 % Angora / 30 % Alpaca / 20 % Fine Wool
Regular Price $8.25oz
Sale Price $ 7.00oz


50 % Angora / 40 % Alpaca / 10 % Fine Wool
Regular Price $ 8.50 oz
Sale Price $ 7.50 oz


50 % Angora / 30% Alpaca / 20% Fine Wool
Regular Price $ 8.25oz
Sale Price $ 7.00oz

Amazon Jungle

50 % Angora / 30 % Alpaca / 20 % Fine Wool
Regular Price $ 8.25oz
Sale Price $ 7.00oz

Sand Dune

50 % Angora / 50 % Alpaca
Regular Price $ 8.50oz
Sale Price $ 7.50oz

Angora Rabbit Grooming Supplies

I am now offering basic grooming and care supplies.  These are things I have found helpful though out the years.

Grooming Kit

Grooming Box may be different but kits will include basic grooming brush, nail clippers, scissors, roller comb and patter for coat.

Price: 17.00

Doggyman Grooming Brush

This is on of the top grooming brushed for show rabbits.  This brush is very soft and doesn't break the coat when finishing for the show table.

Price: 11.00

Finished Goods

I've been busy at the loom in the last few months.  One of the main principals of angora products is the lovely bloom it has, all items are starting to bloom and will continue to bloom (halo) as you handle and wear the garment. Size does not include fringe.  Hand wash and hang to dry.  Price does not include shipping.  When contacting me about an item please give me the ID number. 

I have to check inventory as to what is available in scarves as I've had a couple of busy shows!

White on White Shawl

This shawl is very luxurious, the warp is made out of angora and alpaca yarn with strands of silk running through it.  This shawl would make a beautiful shawl for a bride on her Special Day!
Size 18" x 62"
Item Number:  SH1

Fawn Heather Shawl 

This shawl is an angora, alpaca and mohair blend with a few silk threads thrown in for fun!  Weft is a triple ply of white, fawn and black yarn made up of angora, alpaca and a bit of wool.  
Size 15" x 62"


Fawn Shawl with a Twist

This shawl was made of angora, alpaca and mohair for the warp and weft, with a few silk string thrown in the warp.  Beautiful lighter weight shawl, for the cool spring or fall mornings.

Size 16" x 56"

Blue Bye You

This is a beautiful blue shawl that has bloomed to make you want to cuddle with it.  Made out of 50% Angora and 50% Alpaca. I have entered in a few competitions and won a Best in Show with it.

Size 16" x 78"



Shades of Purple

This shawl I designed in my brain for a few months, and finally dyed the yarn and put it on the loom.  I love the way the purples gently blend into each other to make a picture in motion.  The yarn is a 50% Angora and 50% Alpaca and ever so soft!
Size 22" x 62" ( with really long fringe)


SC1 (First Photo)
Green on Natural Gray Warp that is 50% Angora/ 50% Alpaca
Size: 10 1/2" x 53"

SC2(Second Photo)
Cranberry on Gray/Black Warp Angora Blend
Size: 9" x 55"

SC3 (Third Photo)
White on White Angora Blend with a touch of Silk in the Warp
Size: 8 1/2" x 52"

SC5 (Fourth Photo)
Gray Warp with a marbled brown colored warp
Size:  8 1/2" x 38"

SC6 (First Photo)
Gray  and Cranberry in Sport Weight Yarn Angora/Alpaca Blend
Size: 8 1/2" x 48"

SC7 (Second Photo)
Gray Black on Gray Black
Size: 8 1/2" x 40"

SC8 (Third Photo)
Gray on Gray Basket Weave Scarf Angora/Alpaca Blend
Size: 9" x 45"

SC9 (Forth Photo)

White on Black Angora Blend
Size: 9" x 52"

SC10 (First Photo)
Dark Pink on White warp with a touch of silk , Angora/Alpaca/ Wool

Size: 9" x 50"

SC11 (Second Photo)
Pink on White warp with a touch of silk , Angora/Alpaca/ Wool

Size: 9" x 40"

SC12 (Third Photo)

Multi Color Warp with Pink Weft Angora/Alpaca Blend (Thick Scarf)
Size: 6" x 42"

SC13 (Forth Photo)

White on White Angora/ Alpaca Sport Weight (Thick Scarf)
Size: 51/2" x 59"

SC14 (First Photo)
Multi Colored Warp with White Weft Angora/Alpaca Blend
Size: 6" x 44"


SC15 (Second Photo)

Purple on Purple with Handspun weft
Size: 61/2" x 76"

SC16 (Third Photo)
Pink on Gray Angora Blend
Size: 9 1/2" x 36"


SC17 (Forth Photo)
Multi Colored Warp with Purple Hand Spun Weft Angora Blend (Thick Scarf)
Size: 51/2" x 42"