Our Second Blog Entry

October 10, 2017

Working on shearing the bunnies that are left for the fall shearing.  I accomplished 6 more today. Tomorrow will be more shearing.  I hope to be done in a few more days.  I found a use for my seconds (I usually just toss them away) I hope to be able to give a sneak peek soon.  Bred a few does in the last few days, I'm at the F3 breeding for my Red Giant's that I'm working on.  Fingers crossed for reds in the nest box, this is very exciting to me as I have always loved the color red! 

Later this week I hope to get the loom warped with more scarves for the up coming shows I'm vending at.  Always so much to do and never enough time. 

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My First Blog Entry

October 9, 2017

Just got home from being away for about 10 days at the ARBA Rabbit Convention then at a fiber event.  This was a long hard 10 days and I hope I don't do it to myself many more times.  Today will be catchup and shearing day here, I hope I accomplish a lot.