Workshop Discription

The retreats were designed to be away for you to get away with your fiber friends.  Your group will need to agree on the workshop topics.  If you are signing up as in individual workshop we will try to find a partner for you to have fiber fun with.  The description off each of our classes we offer are listed below. 

For a full day workshop you can choose a full day or two half day workshops. 
For the two day retreat you choose two full day and one half day or one full day and three half day workshops.

How to Deal with the Fuzzy Bunny-

Basic Angora Care

This basic workshop will provide you will all the information you will need to become a successful Angora rabbit owner. The workshop will include information on the different breeds of angoras, care, feeding, grooming etc. You will be handling different breeds of angora, which is one of the most important things you will learn. If you are not the alpha bunny it will be all down hill from there. You will have to opportunity to learn how to harvest fiber from the bunnies for your spinning pleasure.

Note: If you have your own bunny you can bring it to use or I will have several available for this workshop. Please pack a long sleeve shirt that can be used for grooming. Optional Grooming kits will be available for a small fee for home use. Tools needed for the class will be provided.

Full Day Workshop

Spinning Where to Begin

This workshop is geared to the beginner spinner or someone who has never spun before. Wheels will be provided if you do not own one. You will learn to coordinate your hands and feet to produce yarn. Through the retreat you will begin to grasp spinning a single ply and then learn to ply it. The workshop will progress on an individual basis as no two people learn to spin at the same rate. This workshop will begin on the evening you arrive and continue through the weekend.  This workshop is best designed for a weekend retreat.
Full Day Workshop

Warp to Weave

The hardest part of weaving is the warping.  This workshop will teach you the basics of warping and dressing your loom.  " A Touch of Bunny" will provide the tools needed to warp your loom. Students need to bring their loom and yarn they want to warp and weave with.
Full Day Workshop- one on one

I need a Tune Up
(Is it the wheel or me?)

This workshop is designed to assist you with problems you may be having with your spinning wheel.  Or maybe it isn't the wheel that needs a tune up? "A Touch of Bunny", will assist you in figuring out the issue you many be having.
Half Day Workshop

Dying the Day Away

This workshop will deal with the use of chemical, Kool-Aid etc. dying natural raw fiber and yarn to achieve different effects. This workshop will include over dying of raw fibers.  Workshop will include fiber and a skein of yarn to have fun with. Additional dye will be available for students to purchase.  Student can purchase additional skeins of yarn for more dying fun.

Half Day Workshop

Playing with the Fluff
(AKA- Blending Fiber)

This workshop will explore the use of different blending tools to achieve bats or roving for spinning or felting. You will get a chance to use hand cards, blending board, hackles and a drum carder. The workshop will explore basic and art bats for spinning into beautiful yarns.

Half Day Workshop

It Has Been Warped Now I Can Weave

Students will use higit heddle loom to explore basic weaving. The loom with be warped for the beginning workshop. The workshop will teach how to weave straight edges and even beating. Students will complete a woven scarf to take home.

Half Day Workshop


Half Day Workshop- 9am- Noon
Full Day Workshop- 9am-4pm (including lunch)
Two Day Workshop- Arrival by 4pm and leave before 4pm

Food and Lodging

Full Day Workshop- Lunch will be provided
Two Day Workshop- Two Dinner, Two Breakfasts, and Two Lunches will be provided

Two Day Workshop fee includes the use of my extra bedrooms in my home (one room has a single bed and the other room has a double and single bunk bed these room share a bathroom).   Remember this is not the Ritz, but just down home fun! If you choose not to stay in my home then a list of hotels can be provided.